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  • Aquamarine with Gold

    Aquamarine is a stone of courage.  In ancient times, Aquamarine was believed to be a treasure of mermaids which sailors collected to use as an ornaments of good luck, protection and fearlessness.  We tend to go through life in trepidation, paralyzed by fear which can hold us back from reaching our potential.  This bracelet will encourage its owner to be valiant, courageous and BRAVE.

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  • fathersday-laurencandicedesigns

    Black Onyx

    Black Onyx is a stone of protection that helps replenish physical and emotional energy

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  • Bloodstone

    Bloodstone is knows to be a grounding stone and provide strength and support in stressful times.  Working to boost the immune system and purify the blood, it can be helpful with ailments relating to the kidneys.

    Black Onyx is a stone of protection which can provide strength and stamina during times of challenge. It calms anxiety and reduces stress.

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  • Chi-Chi Bracelet (Black Onyx)

    This bracelet was put together and named after my dog Chilly (AKA Chi-Chi) who passed away suddenly in December.

    It  is made with Black Onyx  gemstones and a Sterling Silver Lotus.  Black Onyx provides emotional and physical support in times of stress, and grief.   

    The Lotus represents resilience.  The lotus flower grows in muddy waters and rises above it, growing clean, strong and beautiful.  It reminds us that regardless of the challenges that life presents us with, we too, will grow out of them clean, strong and beautiful.

    Profits from each Chi Chi bracelet sold will be donated to an animal shelter of choice in Chilly’s honor and also in honor of all of the fur babies that have crossed over the rainbow bridge.

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  • Larvikite and Volcanic Lava

    Larvikite is a protective and grounding stone which is said to cleanse both the physical and emotional self.  It can dispel negativity and encourage a positive flow of energy. It encourages concentration and focus, helping to reach personal and professional goals.  This healing stone also help sharpen emotional intelligence, allowing for you to understand yourself and others on a deeper level.  On a physical level, it is believed to enhance youthfulness and vitality.

    Volcanic Lava stones bring us closer to Mother Earth. They encourage grounding, stability and courage in times of change. They also absorb scent so you can put perfume or essential oil on them.

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  • Lava stone Hamsa

    Volcanic Lava stones bring us closer to Mother Earth. They encourage grounding, stability and courage in times of change.

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  • Prehnite

    Prehnite is a gemstone that helps connect the heart to will, ensuring that actions come from the heart to serve the greater good and the universe.  It brings us closer to mother earth and exudes feelings of peace and serenity.  When you act with intention to serve love, you will never go wrong.

    Lotus: Without the mud, there is no lotus.

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    Protection and strength

    All three of these stones hold protective properties but each are very unique.  Black Obsidian is a protective stone which has grounding and restorative effects. It is a reminder to take a moment, and a breath when you feel as though you are stretched too thin.  Tiger Eye is known to provide clarity and help to reach important decisions objectively. It encourages confidence,  allowing you to move through life fiercely and without trepidation.  Hematite is said to have the ability to transform negative energy to positive energy. It can alleviate stress, anxiety and worry, allowing for you to reach a state of happiness. It also provides strength in challenging times.

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  • Remember

    They are STRONG, they are BRAVE so that we can be FREE.

    Bloodstone is the stone of BRAVERY AND COURAGE. This product was created with our brave men and women who have served, are serving and will serve our country in the future.

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