Larvikite and Volcanic Lava

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Larvikite is a protective and grounding stone which is said to cleanse both the physical and emotional self.  It can dispel negativity and encourage a positive flow of energy. It encourages concentration and focus, helping to reach personal and professional goals.  This healing stone also help sharpen emotional intelligence, allowing for you to understand yourself and others on a deeper level.  On a physical level, it is believed to enhance youthfulness and vitality.

Volcanic Lava stones bring us closer to Mother Earth. They encourage grounding, stability and courage in times of change. They also absorb scent so you can put perfume or essential oil on them.

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Info: Bracelet made with 8 MM frosted Larvikite and Volcanic Lava stones, sterling silver and Nylon stretchy elastic.

Sizing: Standard size is 7.5 IN for men and 7 IN for women. For custom sizing, please e-mail once your order has been placed.