About Lauren Candice Designs

A former ballet dancer from Montreal, Lauren was always surrounded and influenced by the arts. Passionate self- expression and creativity have always been important to her. After leaving the world of dance, she ventured into the financial industry for what was supposed to be a temporary period. 10 years later, it was safe to say that her creativity went into hibernation.

After several stagnant years, she found herself looking for something to set her soul on fire again. What started as a hobby quickly became something more and she began developing a small business from her own dining room table.

When you buy handmade jewelry, you are buying the story that comes with it. Each piece is galvanized and brought to life with intention and dedication.

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“Knowing that something I created with all of my heart can bring just a little bit of joy to someone’s life set my soul on fire again for the first time in YEARS”

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4455 Sherbrooke Street West, 1st Floor
Westmount, H3Z 1E7
Quebec, Canada

Email: info@laurencandice.com