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What we wear on the outside can influence what we feel on the inside. Each gemstone and geode can act as a conduit for healing with specific healing properties relating to physical and emotional ailments.

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About Lauren Candice

When you buy handmade jewelry, you are buying the story that comes with it. Each piece is galvanized and brought to life with intention and dedication.

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“Knowing that something I created with all of my heart can bring just a little bit of joy to someone’s life set my soul on fire again for the first time in YEARS”

Hand Crafted
with Intention

All materials are hand selected with care to create meaningful pieces that harmonize what we wear with how we feel.

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Sérieusement, très bien emballé et personnalisé. Un vrai travail d'artiste et le produit lui-même est de qualité. Mes autres bracelets qui datent de 2 ans sont encore comme neufs. Tu es très talentueuse!
David M
Seriously, very well wrapped and personalized. A true work of art and the product itself is of quality. My other bracelets that are 2 years old are still like new. You are very talented!

David M

I was so happy when I received my beautiful bracelet from my lovely friend for my birthday. She had the great idea to personalize my gift by offering a bracelet to all my children and my husband. Lauren offers an amazing customer service. She had to readjust 2 of the bracelets and wanted us to be 100% satisfied! What I like about it is that I can feel the positive energy from it when I wear it, which is every day. I also received tons of compliments. I wish you all the best Lauren!

IsabelleQuebec, QC

Beautiful, fits perfect!

MattMontreal, QC

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