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  • Agate wrap around Geode

    Info: Bracelet made with 6 MM semi precious Agate stones, 24 K Gold plated geode slice, Nylon stretchy elastic and Gold filled piece. Sizing: Once your order has been received, you will be contacted by e-mail to discuss sizing. If no reply is received, it will be made the standard size of 7.5 inches Geodes:*All […]

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  • Amethyst Geode

    This 24k plated gold geode is surrounded by Matte Amethyst stones.  Amethyst is helpful with any ailments relate to the nervous system.  It can help with headaches, insomnia, nightmares and helps balance the crown chakra. It also includes a Gold filled piece.

    *All geodes are hand selected with care to create meaningful, one of a kind pieces.  Due to the nature of geodes, shapes and sizes may vary from the picture above.

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  • amethyst geode

    Amethyst Geode

    Amethyst is a gemstone that is sometimes referred to as the “soul stone”.  It encourages wisdom and understanding that there is something greater out there. It can remind you to let go and trust the process.  It promotes strength and understanding in transformative times when a loved one is lost.


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  • Black Onyx wrap around

    Black Onyx is a stone of protection which can provide strength and stamina during times of challenge. It calms anxiety and reduces stress.

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  • Geode Druzzy necklace

    Geodes are known to encourage spiritual growth. They exude calm, healing energy which can help replenish confidence and stand tall.

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  • Icy Snow White

    Snow White Jade is known to be a calming stone with purifying energies.  It is said to improve relationships and help make life challenges feel less overwhelming.

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  • Lovers Lapis

    Lapis Lazuli encourages communication, honesty and expression with yourself as well as your partner.  It promotes patience, empathy and understanding and can reduce irritability.

    It is known to protect interpersonal relationships as well as support loyalty and inspire passion.

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  • Matte Amethyst Geode

    Amethyst holds grounding properties that can help alleviate stress as well as feelings of being overworked and overwhelmed.

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  • Moonstone Geode

    Moonstone is a stone for new beginnings.  With a strong connection to the moon, it promotes growth and success.  It has a strong association with female energy,  increasing intuition, inspiration and good fortune.

    It is said to promote calmness and stability to the emotional self, soothing hormonal as well as emotional  imbalance in the body and the mind.  It is a gemstone that encourages creative self expression as well as of love and eroticism. A good option for those looking to focus on love and romance.

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