Grief bracelet and meditation stone set

$49.99 USD

This package was designed for someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one.   It was galvanized with the intention to bring them some comfort and relief in times of grief.  It includes a bracelet made with Angelite and Black Onyx as well as an Apache Tears mediation stone.  Each of these stones were chosen due to their powerful healing properties when it comes to the complex and many layers of grief.  It also comes with a scroll including the healing properties of the stones as well as the beautiful story behind the Apache Tears stone.  Please see photo gallery to see read it.  Once your order is placed, you can send an e-mail to to have the scroll personalized to the person receiving the gift or your own name if it’s for yourself.


Info: Bracelet made with 8 MM Angelite and Black Onyx stones, sterling silver and Nylon stretchy elastic.

Sizing: Standard size is 7 IN for women and 7.5 IN for men. For custom sizing, please e-mail once your order has been placed.

Stones:  Each Apache Tears stone is unique and may vary in shape and size.