Protection and strength

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All three of these stones hold protective properties but each are very unique.  Black Obsidian is a protective stone which has grounding and restorative effects. It is a reminder to take a moment, and a breath when you feel as though you are stretched too thin.  Tiger Eye is known to provide clarity and help to reach important decisions objectively. It encourages confidence,  allowing you to move through life fiercely and without trepidation.  Hematite is said to have the ability to transform negative energy to positive energy. It can alleviate stress, anxiety and worry, allowing for you to reach a state of happiness. It also provides strength in challenging times.

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Made with AA quality Tiger Eye, Black Obsidian and Hematite (all 8 MM) with sterling silver bead. Standard size for women is 7 in and 7.5 in for men. For different sizing, please e-mail