Chi-Chi Bracelet (Black Onyx)

$40.00 USD

This bracelet was put together and named after my dog Chilly (AKA Chi-Chi) who passed away suddenly in December.

It  is made with Black Onyx  gemstones and a Sterling Silver Lotus.  Black Onyx provides emotional and physical support in times of stress, and grief.   

The Lotus represents resilience.  The lotus flower grows in muddy waters and rises above it, growing clean, strong and beautiful.  It reminds us that regardless of the challenges that life presents us with, we too, will grow out of them clean, strong and beautiful.

Profits from each Chi Chi bracelet sold will be donated to an animal shelter of choice in Chilly’s honor and also in honor of all of the fur babies that have crossed over the rainbow bridge.


Bracelet made with 8 MM semi precious Black Onyx stones, Sterling Silver and Nylon stretchy elastic. Size: 8 inches. For different sizing, please send an email to: